Feral cats receive special pricing. To receive this package the cat must come into the clinic a feral cat trap and be ear-tipped at time of surgery. An ear tip signifies to others that the cat is fixed and vaccinated against rabies.

$45 covers the sterilization, rabies vaccine, ear tip, and 72-hour pain medication injection.

For Post-Operative Care instructions, please click here.

Still have questions about feral cats? Learn more here.     


Feral Cat Walk-In appointments are Tuesday and Wednesdays only from 8:30 am -9:30 am. This is a first come- first serve basis. Acceptance is not guaranteed. Each trapper is only permitted to drop off two (2) feral cats per day, with each cat being in its own feral cat trap. Please keep an eye on social media (Facebook, Instagram) for the latest information, as there will be times where we can not accept feral cats. 


Drop off: 

  1. Drop off and pick up occurs at the back of the building. Please do not bring any feral cats to the front door. You will go past the front of the building and make a left turn in front of “Duncan Imports”. You will make another immediate left into the back parking lot. Go to the very end of the lot and you will see a picnic table and shed. Please park between these two, do not block the loading dock area for our business as well as our neighbors “Dish Network”. 


  1. If you are renting a trap from Mountain View Humane:
  1. Please ensure it is returned by the date on the contract. You may only keep the trap for the designated period. If not returned you will be charged $100 for a replacement trap.. 
  2. If it is broken upon return: you will be charged for a replacement trap. 

      2.) If bringing your own trap: cats must be in feral cat traps. If you bring the cat in anything else- you will be declined service. MVH staff can not help you transfer the cat into a trap or allow you into the building due to liability, if the cat were to escape you would be responsible for trying to re-trap the cat. You have the option to take the cat home and bring it back on the next Feral cat surgery day in a correct trap. 

  1. Mountain View Humane will send the cat back to you in a trap, we will not hold a carrier/ cage and put them in that post-op due to animal and staff safety.

Pick up:

  1. Feral cats are done at the end of each day. We must perform surgery on public animals first. Mountain View Humane can not guarantee ferals will be available for pick up on the same day as they are dropped off. 
  2. Please call before you arrive to ensure the cat(s) have been done and are ready to go. 
  3. Pick up time is no later than 4:30 pm unless advised by MVH staff.  Please call by 3:00 pm if you have not received a status update call.