1.) Financial Aid availability is subject to current funding and could take up to 2-3 weeks for processing, we will contact you directly once processed.


2.) If you have a Pit Bull or Pit Bull mix (physical characteristics of a pit) you qualify for our “Tulip Fund” -subject to current funding. Please send a picture to records@mvhclinic.org which includes the best contact number to reach you at. Do NOT complete this financial aid application. We will contact you directly for scheduling.


3.) If your pet is sick/injured please consult with a full service Veterinarian as we are unable to treat sick/injured animals during time of surgery or during a Wellness appointment. 



    Your Information

    Are you participating in the Food Stamp Program, Medicaid, TANF or SSI

    Pet Information


    Dog Over 60 lbs



    Rabies Up To Date?

    Has your pet been on any medications in the last 30 days?

    Does your pet have a history of seizures/heart murmur?

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    Any Additional Information

    Required: It is state law that your pet’s rabies vaccination be current or updated at the time of receiving services donated through Mountain View Humane. Mountain View Humane aid funding may or may not include the cost of a rabies vaccine, depending on the amount awarded. MVH also requires that each animal receive pain medication to take home. This also may not be covered. I HEREBY GIVE MVH THE CONSENT AND AUTHORITY REQUIRED TO COMMUNICATE WITH ANY OTHER PERSONS OR PARTIES CONCERNING MY HISTORY FOR THE PURPOSE OF VERIFYING THE INFORMATION ON MY APPLICATION OR AS NEEDED TO SECURE FUNDING FOR MY AID APPLICATION. I CERTIFY THAT THE ABOVE NAMED ANIMALS ARE OWNED BY ME PERSONALLY. IF APPROVED, I WILL BE NOTIFIED TO SCHEDULE THE APPOINTMENT. IF NO APPOINTMENT IS MADE WITHIN 48 HOURS OF NOTIFICATION, MVH HAS THE AUTHORITY TO NO LONGER HONOR THE AID OFFERED. EMAIL SUBMISSION OF THIS APPLICATION CONSTITUTES A SIGNATURE.