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    Mountain View Humane is very fortunate to have many committed volunteers, without whom we would not be able to fulfill our mission to create a community where there are no homeless cats or dogs through the power of adoption, prevention and intervention. We look forward to your help.

    Due to unknown vaccination history of many animals, volunteers must be 18 years of age to work at the shelter without adult group leaders.

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    We understand many groups wish to volunteer with our clinic so they can have time with the animals. Unfortunately, our facility cannot accommodate large groups interacting directly with the pets in the clinic. To volunteer directly with the pets, we welcome small groups (2-3 people). We have opportunities for large groups to help with special events, etc.

    Tell us a little about your group and why you chose Mountain View Humane.

    Please share the following information with all volunteers with your group.

    The state of Virginia requires volunteers that have never been (i) charged with, or convicted of, animal cruelty, neglect, or abandonment, or (ii) the subject of a civil proceeding to terminate my ownership rights in a dog, cat, or other companion animal.


    We’re working to create a community where there are no homeless cats or dogs in Southwestern Virginia and Southern West Virginia and through transport programs across the region by providing high-quality, affordable spay/neuter services at our Waldron-Ricci Clinic.


    In anticipation that you and your group will be accepted in Mountain View Humane Volunteer program, please read and sign the below agreement. We understand and agree with the Policy Mountain View Humane. In signing this application, we understand and agree to the following: we will do our best to represent this organization as volunteers. We will take ideas, constructive comments, suggestions, and criticisms directly to the Volunteer Coordinator and agree to be supervised by the Volunteer Coordinator or assigned team leader. If communication concerns develop between employees and our group, we will report them to the Volunteer Coordinator or team leader as soon as possible. We authorize Mountain View Humane to seek emergency medical treatment in case of accident, injury or illness and to hold harmless any agency in the event of an accident, injury or illness. We understand that any injury sustained while acting as an unpaid member of the volunteer staff is not covered by Virginia State Workers Compensation Law.

    We grant permission to use any photograph or video for promotional use, knowing it will be done in good taste.


    Zoonotic diseases are those that can be passed from other species to humans. Examples are ringworm, tapeworm, roundworms, and rabies. We impress upon all volunteers that safe handling techniques and hygiene are important elements of protecting ourselves from these diseases. Washing hands after handling any animal is critical. Please understand that many of the animals arriving at the clinic have had no previous veterinary care and may expose you to disease. While the occurrence of disease transmission is rare, please understand that the MVH cannot assume financial, medical, or veterinary responsibility for any transmissions that may occur to yourself, your family or companion animals.

    Anyone who is pregnant or may become pregnant or has a compromised immune system should consult their physician before volunteering with the MVH.

    Please sign below acknowledging you have read and understand the possible risks of volunteering with the Mountain View Humane.