Amanda is the Practice Manager for Mountain View Humane and began working here in May 2012. In her role, Amanda is responsible for administrative staff management and scheduling, inventory control, bookkeeping, budgeting, establishing clinic policies and procedures in collaboration with the Medical Director, training new staff, updating records and overseeing client relations. Amanda earned a Bachelor of Science in Animal and Poultry Sciences from Virginia Tech in 2010.  A self-described animal “collector,” Amanda and her husband have four dogs: Jubilee, a 12 year old Heeler/Beagle mix adopted from Pulaski Animal Control; Colby, an 11 year old Pit mix rescued as a puppy from someone giving it away; Mimsie, a 6 year old Chi mix adopted from Montgomery County Animal Control; and Mabel, a 7 year old Border Collie mix adopted from Wythe County Humane Society. She also has four cats: Toby, a 12 year old adopted from Salem Humane Society in New Jersey; Louie, a 13 year old adopted from Montgomery County Humane Society; Pandora, a 7 year old adopted from a shelter in Texas; and Flower, a 2 year old adopted from Cinnebar Kennels in Christiansburg. To add to the mix, Amanda has a Uromastyx lizard (desert lizard) named Little Foot! Amanda came to work for Mountain View Humane in order to work with animals and provide a needed service to the community. 

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