Maggie Yu is a Veterinary Assistant with Mountain View Humane. In this role, Maggie coordinates all aspects of surgery, including preoperative preparation and postoperative monitor. Maggie is a qualified pet stylist and holds the certification from China Professional Groomer Association. Maggie has a bachelor’s degree in Animal and Poultry Science. Before joining Mountain View Humane in July 2021, Maggie had her own pet store and spent 10 years as a pet groomer. Maggie has two dogs, one is a 14 year old lab mix called Dudu, who loves to be praised, and 3 year old Rottweiler who is a vigilant and protective girl. Both have different personalities but are equally loved. Maggie’s long-term goal is to become a veterinarian to rescue and save more lives!

Maggie can be reached by email.

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