Nikki is an LVT at Mountain View Humane. In this role, Nikki is part of the team providing the patients with the best care possible. Nikki helps with everything from monitoring anesthesia to making sure the hospital is clean. Before Mountain View Humane, she worked at Emergency Vet Services in Roanoke for three years. Prior to that, she worked in the vet field on and off since high school. Nikki and her partner are in the process of creating a mobile app as a new small business adventure. She earned her A.A. Degree at Florida Community College and Rutgers University in New Jersey where she played softball on a scholarship, as well as an Associates in Animal Science from PennFoster University. Nikki shares her home with Cob, a 5 year old Golden Retriever rescued at EVS after he ate corn on the cob. He required emergency surgery which took over 5 feet of intestines from him. Threads is her 8 year old cat who she rescued from PetVet where she worked. He required emergency surgery to remove 9 feet of thread from his intestines. She rescued 2-week old kitten, Lefty, from her job in New Jersey. He was in a shoe box with most of his left front leg missing and she convinced the vet to do surgery. Lefty is now 8 years old! Nikki chose to work for Mountain View Humane because of its great mission, fun staff, and consistent work. 

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