Valerie is a veterinary and office assistant at Mountain View Humane since May 2022. She is responsible prepping the cats and dogs brought in for spay/neuter and taking care of them after surgery in addition to being one of the faces of our organization helping schedule and assist with our clients. Valerie graduated Virginia Tech in 2021 with a B.S. in Animal and Poultry Sciences and is in the process of applying to veterinary schools. At home with her significant other she has two feline fur babies named Pepsi and Rambo who are both 4 years old. They both came from the same litter and grew up with the family dogs. Now that they are older, they follow her everywhere and love watching when she is watering plants or cleaning fish tanks. Along with 6 aquariums, she has also added a new animal family member named Fresa who is a Pac-Man frog. She joined Mountain View to help end the cycle of future unwanted and homeless pets by spaying and neutering. Valerie also has the opportunity to gain new experiences on her way to veterinary school. She loves working with the team and helping the public by taking care of their furry family members as well as feral cats and shelter animals while they’re with us.

To contact Valerie, please email her.

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