We encourage young people to volunteer their time with Mountain View Humane, but youth 16 – 18 may only volunteer with a parent and at events outside of the clinic. The youth are our future and we offer them opportunities to grow and learn through working with and for the animals.

With these opportunities, we are working to create passionate supporters and compassionate adults through humane volunteer service. Volunteering as a family can be a wonderful experience. Teens, 16 – 18 must volunteer with a parent or legal guardian.

Service Learning/Leadership Hours

If you are a student who would like to do your service learning or leadership hours with Mountain View Humane, please email or call 540.382.0222 for more information. We offer short-term volunteer opportunities including special events and assisting them with our afternoon cleaning.

Can’t come into the shelter, but want to help the animals? There are many things you can do to help the animals. Here are some “easy to do” ideas for you!

  • Organize a Donation Drive at your school, church or club for pet supplies from our Wish List.
  • Host a car wash, dog wash, lemonade stand, or garage sale and donate the proceeds to Mountain View Humane.
  • Organize a “Coins for Critters”, “Pennies for Paws” or
  • Hold a “Penny War” at school and see which classroom has the most animal lovers by contributing the largest number of pennies.
  • Hold a bake sale for pets and people and donate the proceeds to the Mountain View Humane.