After the announced retirement of our current executive director, and the assessment of our strengths, structures and strategic direction, Mountain View Humane is excited to announce that we have made the intentional decision to move from a hierarchical leadership structure to a shared management model.  Through this model, we hope to elevate candidate talents, ensure a more sustainable leadership model, and strengthen the organizational position.

Mountain View Humane is seeking our next strategic and creative co-executive directors – the Executive Director for Administration and the Executive Director for Mission Delivery – to shape, inspire, and manage the organization’s future in collaboration with one another, a talented staff team and a deeply committed Board of Directors.


Since 1916, the Roanoke Valley SPCA has been the leading advocate for the homeless and unwanted animals in Virginia’s Blue Ridge.  We maintain that spaying, neutering and humane education are pivotal to ending pet homelessness and in 2010, Mountain View Humane was established to advance our mission with the opening of the Waldron-Ricci Spay Neuter Clinic.  This vital community resource provides spay and neuter services to the New River Valley and surrounding areas and works to educate the public on the benefits of spay/neuter programs.    

Mountain View Humane is 501(c)(3) charitable organizations, that relies on the generosity of the community for the funding necessary to provide care for the animals through donations, bequests, fundraisers and grants.  Mountain View Humane is not affiliated with any state or local humane organization and is not funded through any national affiliation.  The funds required to provide low cost surgery and deliver community outreach programs are generated from program services and fund development efforts. 

Mountain View Humane has 9 full time and 6 part time staff members as well as various relief veterinarians.  Mountain View Humane receives an independent audit every year as part of a consolidated audit with the parent organization, the Roanoke Valley SPCA.  Since opening, over 90,000 spay/neuter surgeries have been performed.  The organization is licensed by the Virginia Department of Veterinary Medicine and the Department of Justice’s Drug Enforcement Agency.


Mountain View Humane is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors.  The Roanoke Valley SPCA and Mountain View Humane Boards have traditionally been very active and involved Boards, committed to supporting and sustaining the mission of the organizations.  Board members are selected from among active members of the community and are expected to serve with diligence and dedication throughout their tenure. 


Reporting to the CEO of the Roanoke Valley SPCA, the Co-Executive Directors of Mountain View Humane jointly serve as the highest staff positions within the organization.  These position have the opportunity to affect the lives of area citizens and animals as well as propel the organization to the next level of success.  The Co-Executive Directors should be proven leaders who have demonstrated a passion for service throughout their professional careers.  The ideal candidates will possess exceptional interpersonal skills that are proven by exhibiting a high level of written and oral communication, an ability to engage diverse groups of community stakeholders and a caring attitude in working with others.  The ideal candidates will possess a strong work ethic with a proven track record of working collaboratively with stakeholders where integrity, professionalism, sincerity, and a “listen to learn” style are highly valued.   They will demonstrate a high level of experience in management, finance, human relations, non-profit governance, and fundraising.  They will possess strong business acumen and be able to successfully lead the organization into the future.  The executive directors may choose from a four 10-hour day work week or a five 8-hour day work week with a telework day. 


Executive Director of Administration

The Executive Director for Administration provides hands-on, participative management and leadership to support and oversee the following areas: finance, business activities of the front office, business planning and budgeting, and human resources.  This role also coordinates with the Roanoke Valley SPCA Finance Director who provides financial oversight and leadership of its wholly owned subsidiary, Mountain View Humane.  Primary responsibilities include:

  • Take primary responsibility for the internal administration of the organization.
  • Oversee and provide strategic, forward-thinking leadership in the areas of finance, human resources, front office administration.

The goal of this position is to help attain objectives of productivity, financial solvency and human resources activities.

Executive Director of Mission Delivery

The Executive Director for Mission Delivery is responsible for stewarding the development and execution of Mountain View Humane’s programs and projects in service of the mission. The Executive Director for Mission Delivery takes primary responsibility for the outcomes and impacts of the work.  The role provides hands-on, participative management and leadership to support and oversee the following areas: fund-development, community engagement, program development, and volunteer administration.  This role also coordinates with the Roanoke Valley SPCA Marketing & Communications Director who provides communications oversight and leadership of its wholly owned subsidiary, Mountain View Humane. Primary responsibilities include:

  • Take primary responsibility for the external facing representation and promotion of the organization.
  • Oversee and provide strategic, forward-thinking leadership in the areas of fundraising, communications, volunteers, and program supervision.

The goal of this position is to help raise awareness, increase the financial position through public support and oversee fund-development efforts.

For detailed information regarding the responsibilities and qualifications of each position, please visit our website,


The following are the education, experience and personal qualifications of the ideal candidate in each role.  Mountain View Humane recognizes that it is unlikely that any candidate were to possess the entirety of the qualifications desired and applicants with a mix of the desired qualifications and relevant experience are encouraged to apply.

Executive Director of Administration

  • BS in Accounting or related field, CPA license
  • Minimum three years of broad financial and administrative management, ideally with experience in human resources.
  • Extensive experience with QuickBooks (or a similar accounting software) and ClinicHQ (or a similar clinic scheduling and payment software).

Executive Director of Mission Delivery

  • Bachelors degree
  • Minimum three years broad fund development and marketing/communications experience, ideally including individual donors and grants.
  • Extensive experience in public speaking, persuasive writing, and community engagement.

For both roles

  • Minimum three years supervisory experience, ideally in an increasing capacity.
  • Deal intelligently, pleasantly, and efficiently with tact and diplomacy.
  • Communicate in a transparent, thorough, and timely manner.
  • Demonstrate excellent leadership qualities, including the ability to motivate staff, communicate objectives, and maintain core values and standards.
  • Promote a cooperative working environment among staff members; understand the value of teamwork; show enthusiasm.
  • Experience in a fast-paced working environment. Ability to manage competing priorities.
  • Strong and effective problem solver.
  • An ability to galvanize key stakeholders around a shared vision to better serve the community.
  • A person of high integrity and unquestioned ethics in his/her business and personal activities.
  • Contagious enthusiasm for the mission.
  • Must maintain a valid driver’s license.


Interested individuals should send a cover letter, resume, and three professional references to the Mountain View Humane Executive Search Committee.  All inquiries must be received no later than close of business on Friday, January 6, 2022.  Questions about the roles and applications may be sent to Denise Hayes, Roanoke Valley SPCA CEO at  

Only electronic submissions will be considered.